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Photoshoot Courtesies

Author: Megan Ritz

For those joining a shoot for the first time, here are a couple guidelines to keep in mind, and keep you looking as professional as you really are!

1. DO NOT SHARE PHOTOS of your cake, the project or the official photos until you get the 'go ahead' from the organizer of the shoot! Your organizer should be trying to get these photos published. Many companies will only do this if they're the first to post the photos. Be patient & ask before you start posting!

Right now, I really want to be sharing the photos of the cake we floated in a pool and the cake we hung upside down from the ceiling, but alas we must wait.

2. BE PROFESSIONAL. Arrive on time, provide what was asked of you, be helpful, be awesome. Ask questions and make sure you know what you are expected to bring and provide for the cake.

People don't remember what you say, they remember how you make them feel. Be the awesome cake person who makes everyone feel like a rockstar!

3. TAG EVERYONE. A great shoot organizer is going to send you a 'tag list'. I save this as a word document with my photos so I don't have to remember, I just copy & paste. I love using DropBox for our photo storage. After you've done a few of these it's hard to remember who did which shoot, especially when it comes to the vendors you didn't actually meet or even talk to.

4. SET A GOAL. Decide what you want from the shoot. I use these photos for advertising, so I make sure we create cakes that highlight what we want to show off. Set a goal for what you want from the shoot & make it happen.

5. MAINTAIN CREATIVE CONTROL. I have a rule when I do shoots, I maintain creative control of the cake. I will of course use their inspiration board and make sure I meet their vision for the shoot. Where is your value from participating in a photo shoot? It is in the marketing and networking with professionals. It is in stretching your comfort zone to create something truly unique and beautiful.

We participate in shoots free of charge, in exchange for creative control. If they want something very specific, I would happily take an order & do their cake with our Industry Professional Discount.

6. BABYSIT YOUR BABY. I underestimated the importance of this, but after a second shoot was all photos of the back of my cake, I stay. Even the monogram was backwards, but it was no one's fault by my own. They have enough to worry about. If I want my cake to be perfect, I need to advocate for it.

Even the monogram topper was backwards.

Besides that, it's a great opportunity to network. I find ways to help others once my cake is set up. Heck, bring cupcakes & feed the crew.

Make memories. I will never forget jumping into a pool in jeans with the crew post shoot.

I hope these guidelines help you feel more confident about joining a professional photoshoot. They are a lot of work, but can be an awesome opportunity to push yourself & they can be a lot of fun!


Planners @pujaevents & @bluellamaevents

Photography @theresastory

Photography @indywedding2nd

Venue & Floral @jpparkerflowers

Tablescapes @uncommonlystyled

HMUA @_bellastudios_

Jewlery @bridalartistry25_jewelry

Henna @johennadesign

Bridal Attire @crossoverbollywoodseindy

Placecard/ Stationary @thebrocadeblackbird

Do you know what goes into a cake for a photoshoot? Learn the process here!

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