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Trimming Your Budget

Author: Sarah Miller

Editor: Megan Ritz

It is impossible to compare prices of something a factory produced to something hand made by a local artist.

There are a couple of areas where trimming the budget by going the factory route won’t change the design of your cake but will save you a few bucks.

We can help advise what all we can do to give you a gorgeous cake that is crazy delicious and fits your budget!

A simple homestyle iced cake with gold accenting.


Real ribbon is pretty and inexpensive alternative to a fondant ribbon wrapped around a cake. Real ribbon also comes printed with patterns that would be difficult to get in edible materials.

You’ll need to find a waterproof or acetate ribbon.

Satin ribbons will change colors and darken unevenly as it picks up moisture and oils from the icing.

When it is time to cut the cake ribbons can easily be removed in one piece by starting with the seam and pulling it off the cake.

Real Ribbon & Fresh Flowers

Fresh Flowers.

Gumpaste flowers are gorgeous and we love making them for our cakes, but making a flower petal by petal by hand is time consuming.

Arrangement of Gumpaste Flowers

We love fresh flowers! After all, nothing can look as real as the real thing!

They are gorgeous and have more detail than any silk flower can muster. If you have fresh flowers in your bouquet or centerpieces, having the same flowers on your cake ties the room together quite nicely. We would be happy to refer you to one of our local florist friends.

Gorgeous Fresh Flowers

Silk Flowers.

Silk flowers can be an affordable way to add an out-of-season flower. They also work well for flowers like pincushion mums and ginger flowers that are more expensive in sugar. They don't usually change color from contact with the icing, but it is possible. There is a lot of range in quality of silk flowers, you want to find something that looks as real as possible.

Silk Flowers & Greenery

Whether its real or silk flowers, you don’t have to worry about how to put them on your cake, we are happy to do that for you at no additional cost. Make sure to leave the flowers on your cake table the day of your event & we can place them for you when we deliver the cake.

It is important to decide what your priorities are and making a budget is an important part of that. Share your budget with us, so we can help advise what all we can do to give you a gorgeous cake that is crazy delicious and fits your budget!

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