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Our Vision

Our mission is to share a passion for creativity and innovation through custom cakes and education.

Our Story

Founded April 1, 1995, Classic Cakes has been a leading cake bakery in the Central Indiana Wedding Industry for over two decades. Specializing in creating custom cakes as unique as the people they are for. 

Our Team

We have an incredibly talented team from various backgrounds. Hiring for values and providing  continued education opportunities ensures our team is always learning and growing. We have the best people and that is not by accident. 


Our employees work together toward goals & encourage each other to develop their skills. 

Our Services

Our Products

Combining simple, premium quality ingredients with experience means you are getting the best! We specialize in cake & cupcakes.

Cakes with recipes that have been held to the highest standards means delicious flavor and a perfect crumb.

A two cooler moisture system makes cakes extra moist and never soggy. 


Buttercream made with real butter & madagascar vanilla means it is extra delicious & not overly sweet.

Meet Our Team Members

We offer complimentary cake tastings. For those last minute events or when you are just having a craving; we have a case full of never frozen, decorated cakes and cupcakes ready to go.

Whatever your cake needs are,

we've got you covered.

Custom Designed Cakes

for any occasion


Stand Rental 


Walk-in Case Cakes


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