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Slice of Life

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

Author: Sarah Miller

Editor: Megan Ritz

Have you ever been at a party where this happens: Someone is standing in front of The Cake with a knife and a dubious look on their face, saying “it's too pretty to cut!” while the rest of the room looks on hungrily anticipating the coming cake?

Ever been that person standing there with a knife? Possibly you're thinking- But I put so much work into planning this! How could I destroy this beautiful cake?

What if all the pieces look like they were cut with a blunt chainsaw wielded by a blindfolded chimpanzee?

Beautiful Buttercream flowers

Take a deep breath, hyperventilating is bad. It's not the last cake on the planet. It's not even the last cake you'll see. There will be others.

You can't shellac it and save it in the knick-knack case. Trust me on this.

Think back on your favorite birthdays, and your favorite cakes. I'll wait while you check social media, or break out the photo albums.

Do you remember Mom/Grandma/Marsh's chocolate cake? Can you remember cutting squares of cake straight from the dull silver sheet cake pan, with all the icing on the top and sprinkles everywhere? Can you still smell the aroma of your favorite carrot cake? Imagine the fluffy inside of a white cake? Taste that frosting? How many of those pieces looked like they belonged in a photo shoot? How much did you not care, as long as you got to eat The Cake?

The only way to get to the fantastic inside is to cut the beautiful facade.

It's the flavor and the people that matter most, in the end. So snap a picture, post it to Instagram, or Facebook or Snapchat. (and tag us!)

Social Media is a better preservative than shellac anyhow.

So cut The Cake and serve up a slice of life. Nobody really minds if the pieces are uneven.

Then plan, plan, plan again. We are ready to design your next cake!

Click here to read about the magics of buttercream!

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