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Sugar Layons

Author: Sarah Miller

Editor: Megan Ritz

“The Sweet Ones”

Sports themed Sugar Layons

Sugar lay-ons are just that- sugar. It is a decorated sugar cube, so to speak.

They come in an amazing variety of shapes and sizes, and are dyed with food coloring. We purchase these and can add to cakes and cupcakes. This is a legal way that we can include characters with copyright protection on your cake or cupcakes. We have several licensed characters, such as Sesame Street & Disney Princesses. We also have a supply of holiday themed items. These are an affordable way to add something special to your cake.

Christmas Themed Sugar Layons

Even cuter than sugar layons, click here to check out sprinkles!

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It's a very delicious and beautiful cake too and I'm sure there a wordle lot are many people here who have the same compliments as I do about your cake.


The sugar-coated cupcakes look beautiful and delicious. that's not my neighbor


These cakes are beautifully decorated. I like them very much. Suika game

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