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Royal Icing

Author: Sarah Miller

Editor: Megan Ritz

“Classy Meringue”

Whipping egg whites with a little sugar creates a beautiful fluffy icing that we can use for a wide range of techniques. It can be piped like a buttercream but dries hard. This is called Royal Icing.

Deeply cupped flowers like lilies and petunias are piped into forms. Then they're dried so they hold their shape. We can make roses out of royal, especially for flowers that cascade down a cake.

This allows us to create flowers that hold their shape as they cascade down a tiered wedding cake without gravity plucking their petals.

Royal Icing Flowers defying gravity

Like buttercream icing royal can be tinted just about any color you need. It's occasionally used for delicate filigree decorations. We also use it to decorate custom sugar cookies.

When we create the display cakes in our showroom we use royal icing since it dries hard.

Click here to read about sugar lay ons.

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Classic Cakes
Classic Cakes
Jul 27, 2019

Thank you! We think so too!


Your buttercream icing is to die for - out of this world

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