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Author: Sarah Miller

Editor: Megan Ritz

“The Smooth One”

Fondant Marbling

You've probably seen the bakers on TV use fondant- a lot. Fondant is made with white chocolate and is slightly chewy.

Think vanilla tootsie roll.

It's rolled out, then draped and pressed onto the cake, for a smooth, matte look. We make our fondant in house with high-quality white chocolate.

Roaring 20s with Fondant Work

We can use it to create...

  • Fabric

  • Broaches/ Molds

  • Polka Dots

  • Stripes

  • Landscape scenery

  • Text

  • Tree bark or woodgrain

  • Ruffles and waves

  • Sculpted Figurines of people, animals or objects

  • Realistic looking flowers

  • Just about anything you can dream up!

Sculpted Dragon

Very few cake designs need to be fully covered in fondant. For most designs a little here or there will allow you to get whatever effect you’re going for.

Gold Painted Fondant Molds

Our buttercream skills may be sick, but there is a lot that fondant allows us to do. Molded pieces & figurines are the most significant. But even stripes made in fondant are going to have cleaner, sharper edges than if we pipe them in buttercream.

Even fondant has its limitations, click here to see what Gumpaste is all about!

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You have shared and introduced to everyone how to make this cake, the ingredients used to make this cake are also available at supermarkets and I will definitely make this cake according to the instructions above man, I'm a wordle today lot glad to hear that.


This cake really surprised me because it looked so beautiful. It's certainly very expensive. fnf go


This is the first time I have seen such a beautifully decorated slope and luxurious cake.


Classic Cakes
Classic Cakes
Jul 27, 2019

Becky made that adorable Dragon!


That sculpted dragon is amazing! You guys are truly very talented!

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