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   I am so excited to share that as owner of Classic Cakes I have had the opportunity to work along side several other business owners & bakery owners across the U.S. This has led me to learning more about running food service businesses at every opportunity & getting certified as a business coach & speaker. 

   I am always happy to share my insight & knowledge with other business owners, aspiring cake decorators, etc. Now, through Life According to Food, I am able to work hand in hand (whisk in whisk??) with business owners who are ready to take big steps with their businesses, build resources and strengthen the future for themselves and their employees. 

Changing the world, one slice of cake at a time.

Learn more about my coaching philosophies & business here: 

Looking forward to working with you! 

-Megan Babuska,

 Cake Curator, CEO of Classic Cakes

Certified Business Coach, Life According to Food

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